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5-day club

What is a 5-Day Club?

For five consecutive days during the summer, one hour and a half each day, children gather to hear Bible stories, sing songs, learn Bible verses, listen to a missionary story, and hear the Gospel clearly presented. They also learn biblical principles, moral values, character qualities, and respect for authority.

​Where are 5-Day Clubs held?

Anywhere there are children:  daycares, apartment complexes, community centers, homes, churches, parks, even under a shade tree!

Who conducts these clubs?

Even though any approved volunteer may lead a 5-Day Club, the majority of clubs are conducted by students ages 15 through college age in our summer ministry program called Christian Youth in Action (CYIA). If you are interested in learning to share your faith and looking for a summer adventure that you will appreciate and remember the rest of your life, you can find out more by clicking on the button below. ​​

​How can I help?
​Contact the CEF office for specifics, but generally you could:
Host a 5-Day Club in your daycare, home or other facility
​Pray for the 5-Day Clubs and the summer missionaries
​Provide gas and/or food for the summer missionaries

​Is there any cost for the 5-Day Club?
​There is no charge for children to attend a club. An optional missionary offering will be taken each day to support overseas mission work.

5-day club