Another exciting CEF ministry is designed for the summer months utilizing teenagers in the form of Christian Youth in Action (CYIA). In June and July, all across the United States hundreds of young people are trained to conduct 5-Day Clubs. Throughout the summer they have many opportunities to present the Gospel to boys and girls in recreational centers, boys' and girls' clubs, YMCA's parks, homes, community centers, and anywhere the doors are open. These teenagers are experiencing the joy of leading others to the Lord and learning that it is not something that they do for the summer but is part of who they are for the rest of their lives.


The Children's Ministry Institute provides specialized practical training in children's ministries not found in Bible Colleges or Christian Universities. Those working in the local church and other mission organizations can benefit from the training which will enable them to minister to children in their sphere of influence and train others, as well.

Our largest and most recognizable program is Good News Club. This is a one-hour Bible club held in public elementary schools. Some ask how it is possible to read the Bible, pray and teach the Ten Commandments on public school grounds. The answer is in the case of CEF vs. Milford Central School in 2001 where the Supreme Court ruled that CEF had equal access to public elementary schools as other after school programs.


These exciting, fun-filled one and one-half hour clubs are held each day for five consecutive days usually during the summer. A 5-Day Club looks similar to Good News Clubs in that they include dynamic Bible lessons, creative activities, an inspiring missionary story, meaningful lessons, and life-changing Scripture memorization. However, these clubs are mostly taught during the summer and are led by trained Christians (Christian Youth in Action summer missionaries).