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​​​What if we told you that local Christian youth spend their summer teaching children about the Gospel ?


It's true. And it happens every summer!

CYIA (Christian Youth in Action) is the CEF summer program where high school and college age students (ages 15 through college age) are trained to conduct 5-Day Clubs. After a week of intensive training, these summer missionaries conduct several 5-Day Clubs a day in Florence, Darlington, Marlboro, Chesterfield and Dillon counties during June and July. ​These teens impact the lives of hundreds of children. Meanwhile, their own spiritual lives are also dramatically changed as they discover how God has gifted them in areas of teaching and evangelism. For many, this experience of full-time missionary work serves as a catalyst for future ministry work, possibly as educators, pastors, and missionaries.



CYIA 2021

Ask God to bring forth the youth who are called to CYIA, to open doors of locations, and to prepare the hearts of the children.


Our CYIA students are volunteering their time, but you may not be able to do that. Still be part of the mission by giving financially.

God may be calling you to join our CYIA team for this upcoming summer. Follow His call and start the process!

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